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MODEL:    EMBRAER EMB-110 P-1 Bandeirante
BRAND:    Amodel
SCALE:      1/72
PRICE: approximately 32 - 35 Euros
NEW MODEL: yes, released April 2024
LIKENESS TO ORIGINAL: excellent and to scale


In the sixties, Brazil began developing its aviation industry. The EMBRAER factory developed a light transport aircraft designed by the Frenchman Max Holste. The prototype first flew in October 1968. It was decided to incorporate a slightly larger cabin and some refinements by the Brazilian chief engineer Ozires Silva. This became the EMB-110 Bandeirante, meaning pioneer. Production started in 1973. Some variants were developed for military use. It was a simple, sturdy aircraft, with over 500 aircraft built.

At 1/72 scale, there was no model kit of the Bandeirante except for a rare resin model from Liberty in Brazil. Fortunately, Amodel has released a 1/72 model kit of good short-run quality. There are 7 sprues in light grey plastic and 1 transparent sprue, totaling around 148 parts. Some parts are not used, suggesting that a kit of another version may be coming.

There are neat recessed panel lines, but you could deepen/ inscribe the gaps of the control surfaces and such, as this aircraft was of simple construction. The assembly of the model is logical. The lower wing is one part, ensuring a strong, straight wing assembly. The engine nacelles are also well done with a neat undercarriage, with the large gear doors closed.

There are details in the cockpit, but there is no cabin interior included. The cabin doors are moulded closed and includes the large cargo door of the P-1 version. Applying the window parts will be a challenge as they need to be precisely glued into the openings. It might be better to do this before joining the two fuselage halves in case you accidentally push a window through. Also, cleverly done is that the cockpit glazing is one part, allowing for easy filling, sanding, and masking. Correct antennas are located under the fuselage. The propellers are also neat, with the spinners having a chrome color.

This Amodel kit #72395 includes decals for only one civilian aircraft, but it's a nice one for me: from Insel Air, Bandeirante registration PJ-VIP, the small Dutch Antillean CuraƧao airline that started flying it from August 2006. It bears the name Elis Juliana, after a well-known Antillean poet and historian. The aircraft is all white with a blue tail. (It flew in two liveries). The decals in the kit for 1 livery look neat, and you also get the smaller markings.

This short-run model requires a bit more work, such as cleaning up mold lines and attachment points, and carefully applying the cabin windows. But you'll end up with a very nice 1/72 model of this Bandeirante.

There are aftermarket 1/72 decal sets available for other civilian Bandeirantes, for example from OldModels decals, and undoubtedly more will follow.
It seems that Amodel, under their Sova-M label, will release a kit for a Brazilian EMB-111/P-95B maritime patrol aircraft. It will likely have these kit parts with an additional sprue and different decals.

REVIEWER: Meindert de Vreeze


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