The Aero L-39 Albatros was developed by the Czechoslowakian Aircraft company AERO as a high-performance jet trainer aircraft for the Warsaw Pact. It was to replace their L-29 DelfĂ­n trainer. The L-39 first flew end 1969 and production started in the seventies. It had a Soviet made jet engine, the Ivchenko AI-25TL. It was very good trainer and the basic trainer is unarmed, but has two underwing pylons for drop tanks and practice weapons. The light-attack version exported to many countries got pylons for rocketpods; the L-39 ZA version got a gun set in an external fairing below the cockpit. Over 2500 aircraft were produced and it was very succesful aircraft and many were exported to Warsaw Pact/ Easter block allies all over the world. 

( Nowadays, the L-39 has been developed into a L-159 which has a more powerful engine, advanced avionics and a single upwards tilting canopy ).


L-39C Albatros

This L-39C is/was used by the Dutch civilian operator Skyline at Eelde and was seen at the Gilze Rijen Open Day June 2014. It carries 2 underwing fueltanks. Many details are common to almost all L-39 versions.

Photographed by Meindert de Vreeze, (C) Copyright!


This L-39C Albatros is American registered "N39UA" (c/n 132177) and was seen at Kissimmee, Fl. (USA)

Photographed November 2014 by Cees Hendriks, (C) Copyright!

Several L-39 plastic and resin scale models exist. In 1/72 there is a vey old KP model, whereas Eduards had a very nice 1/72 kit. In 1/32 scale HPH has a very nice resin model but it is expensive. (one of our members has build the 1/32 HPH kit, look here   [ external site ].