The Grumman F11F/F-11 Tiger was designed in the nineteen fifties as a supersonic, single-seat carrier-based fighter for the United States Navy. Grumman had obtained experience with the Cougar but a completely new design was made with swept wings, foldable wing tips and a "coke bottle" fuselage design. It had the J65 engine and could fly supersonic. It had very short range and the engine proved to be unreliable and only about 200 aircraft were built as the F-8 Crusader was a better aircraft. But the F11F Tiger was used by the Blue Angels aerobatic display team from 1957 to 1969.

 f11f profile


F11F Tiger 

This aircraft, with code 141828 is a former Blue Angels aircraft but is now painted as a US NAVY VF-33 aircraft. It is preserved at the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, FL.

Photographed November 2014 by Cees Hendriks, (c) Copyright IPMS Nederland

  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-1
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-12
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-13
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-14
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-15
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-16
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-17
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-18
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-2
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-20
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-23
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-24
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-25
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-26
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-27
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-28
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-29
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-3
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-30
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-31
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-32
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-41
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-42
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-43
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-45
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-46
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-47
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-49
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-5
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-50
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-51
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-52
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-54
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-55
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-56
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-57
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-58
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-6
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-7
  • F-11-F1-Tiger--Pen-8


A cockpit section is also on display. Seen here as it may provide useful photo's for the cockpit interior.

Photographed November 2014 by Cees Hendriks, (c) Copyright IPMS Nederland

  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-1
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-10
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-11
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-12
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-13
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-14
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-15
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-16
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-17
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-2
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-3
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-4
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-5
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-6
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-7
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-8
  • Grumman-F-11F-Tiger-9

In 1/72 scale, the Hasegawa kit is a nice Tiger. Lindberg had a very old 1/48 kit. Fonderie Miniature has a 1/48 kit but a far better kit is of Kitty Hawk in 1/48. MiniWings has a 1/144 kit. (In 1/32, Kitty Hawk announced a release in 2015 but this release has been cancelled).


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