Lockheed developed the XFV as a "vertical take off and landing" fighter  in the early 1950s. The US Navy asked manudactureres to come up with designs. (The Convair company came with the XFY Pogo design). Beginning 1951, two XFV prototypes were made by Lockheed under the designation XFO-1. It was powered by a 5,300 hp Allison YT40-A-14 turboprop engine driving three-bladed contra-rotating propellers. It had a cruciform v-tail with tiny wheels to land on. But for testing, initially a temporary gear was fitted.  The official first flight took place June 1954 and some 32 flights were made but not in the VTOL mode with only a few very brief transitions in flight  and some hoovering at altitude. It was intended that the type would get a more powerfull engine but the whole project was cancelled mid 1955.

xfv 1 profile

Lockheed XFV Salmon

This Salmon prototype aircraft (Bureau Number 138657) was the only one to actually fly. It was marked as 658 following restoration. It is now on display at the Sun and Fun museum, Lakeland, Florida.

Photographed November 2014 by Cees Hendriks (c) Copyright IPMS Nederland

Only a few plastic scale models exist of the Salmon. In 1/72 there is a KP (Testors?) kit and one from VALOM. Also some older kits existed at odd scales.